Thursday, June 9, 2011

Garden Photos - Part 2

It is only in retrospect that we can see some things and that is very true about the garden.  I have been mulling over some of my garden photos through the years and found some photos that showed the garden in similar views.  It is amazing to me how much the garden changes from year to year.  The above photo shows the garden as it was in June 2010 and June 2011.

This is a view of the center of the garden starting in 2009, all taken in June.  This is a part of the garden we have been changing the most in the last few years.  As late as 2006 there was an enormous pecan tree in this area of the garden.  I found some video from that era that showed the pecan tree, but apparently that video was taken by some drunken monkeys because the camera was swinging too much to get a decent frame grab.  Stupid monkeys.  I will keep digging in my files and see if I can find some more of this view from earlier years.

This view is just to the left of the garden center and this is one of our oldest garden beds.  We have not changed the dimensions of this bed by much, but you can see how year to year we change what the bed contains.  To the left of this photo in 2009 you will see our fig tree in an upright state.  In the 2011 photo you can clearly see how much that tree now leans thanks to hurricane Ike.

These are the closest shots I can find so far, but we have enormous quantities of pictures from our gardening through the years.  I will create some more of these montages unless the drunken monkeys have gotten to more of the images.

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